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About Etta B & Co.

Meet The Owner

Hi there! I'm Brooklyn DeShea, the girl behind Etta B & Co. and sole operator of all things online. In 2015, I nervously launched my first version of this website (DeShea's Online) at 17 years old. I was graduating high school that year and wanted to share our family's pottery in a new way. Looking back 7 years later, I am so thankful The Lord allowed this door to open. I didn't know soon after I turned 23 that I would get sick. After facing a lot of doctors, I tested positive for Lyme Disease. Following treatment, I was still very sick. I saw a rheumatologist and had a full panel run - the test revealed I had Lupus, Sjogrens, and Fibromyalgia. Not an easy thing to hear or fully comprehend at 23.  I am so thankful for this creative outlet that truly brings so much joy! It is so fun to be able to contribute and share designs of Etta B with you through this online shop. Getting to work along side my family every day is honestly the best gift and I treasure it every day! When you shop online with Etta B & Co., not only are you shopping small, you're supporting a young girl's new journey in life as she figures out her life with autoimmunities. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for shopping small and for allowing me to share our handmade pottery from my family to yours.

What Does Life Look Like in Etta?

Well. Etta is small. Very small. We have a little post office (that closes daily at 11:30am) and that's about it. No stoplights, just stop signs. We felt like we were living the high life when a Dollar General was built in the next town over, saving us from a 20 minute drive to the closest grocery store. We love this little area, living in the country, surrounded by our farm animals and family.

When I am away from my shop, you can almost always find me with our farm animals. I am the mom to a golden retriever, Willow, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Juliana Pigs and Miniature Scottish Highland Cattle. These sweet animals have provided so much comfort and the dearest friendship! They keep our family busy outside of work, especially when the cows knock down a fence and we end up hauling down the road shaking a feed bucket - sometimes fresh out of bed in pajamas, but they truly bring so much joy ... I even created a page just for the animals! You can follow my little farm on Instagram - @mississippifarmgirl or read more here, www.mississippifarmgirl.com

  I'm glad you're here and I hope you find something new to enjoy in your home! We constantly have new designs, colors, and pieces being added to the website, so be sure to sign up for emails (I promise they're filled with all things happy) or refresh the shop frequently so you don't miss something hot out of the kilns!